7 Day FREE "Beginner's ONLY" Kettlebell Challenge

Ready to start your fitness Journey? Interested in kettlebells...but a bit confused on where to start? I'm leading the first 50 women who are excited and motivated to get serious about their fitness...Get Started Today!

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"I'd love to finally get fit...but how can I find the time?" If you've ever asked that question, this series will teach you how to do it right from your home.

The "Beginner's Only" Challenge Will Teach You How to...

Adrienne's results after baby #2. "I initially lost 18lbs but I've packed on a few lbs of muscle...Been with my hubby 16 years and he always says I'm in the best shape he's seen me...and we dated when I was a D1 college athlete." 

  •  Get an awesome fat burning, butt lifting workout in 15 minutes or less
  •  Build full-body strength and firm up your "trouble spots"
  • Save tons of time driving to the gym (and still get results)
  • Master the Kettlebell basics- including the kettlebell swing, core exercises and more...
  • AND if you comment on the workout (5 out of 7 days) you'll be in the running for 2 FREE months of my online kettlebell program
  • Once you join- Directions will be emailed on picking your kettlebells. (plus I'll give a Bonus workout or 2)